Eurosoft Talent

How do we define Eurosoft Talent? It’s a difficult concept and hard to define because it’s intrinsic to who you are, it’s something inside of you!

CareersSteps Small Eurosoft TalentAs a Company, part of the Eurosoft DNA is to recognise and accept different people, cultures and personalities…..what makes you unique is what makes us unique, each component part that makes the Eurosoft whole!

We don’t categorise our Eurosoft Talent into a list of behaviours or competencies because that’s not who we are. However we can talk about some of the connections that make us an Eurosoft whole, that help create the Eurosoft DNA…..

Before applying to become a member of our Eurosoft Talent, we ask that you think about whether some of our similarities ring true for you and if they do then may be your Eurosoft journey can begin.

  • Working for a Consultancy is challenging and we’re no exception….we’re fast paced and dynamic so if you thrive in that sort of environment then that’s one step closer to becoming a member of our Eurosoft Talent.
  • We have a vast array of clients (that’s what comes from being one of the UKs top SAP partners) but as no requirement or request is exactly the same you’ll need to be nimble, adaptable and responsive to change.
  • We believe in what we do and have a passion for SAP which is reflected in how we do business….can your approach mirror our passion?
  • We’re a service provider with a drive to do not only what’s right but also what’s best for our customers and this translates for our staff, so we’re open and honest, with no hidden agenda.
  • We have a fundamental belief that everyone should be comfortable at work and your colleagues deserve to be treated with dignity.
  • Finally, we want everyone to feel part of the Eurosoft team; that way we can work together to provide the best possible service and continue to build on our reputation for excellence….we’re committed to achieving great things and we want you to be too.

As a potential member of our Eurosoft Talent, don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what our team members say about the Eurosoft DNA.…

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