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PD TestimonialsWorking on the Mercedes project has been a really good opportunity for me to use existing skills and learn new ones. The team were good to work with, professional and friendly and working at an F1 company was very different from the usual “Buy, Make, Sell” manufacturing of core ERP logistics…we also got to go to a Q&A with Lewis Hamilton!

PD, Development Consultant

SH TestimonialsMy first year at Eurosoft has been great, we have a very close team and I’m never short of support. Being surrounded by exceptional, experienced Consultants only enhances your own ability to become better at your job and learn new skills.

Working here has given me the opportunity to do that and also meet more customers and cement the excellent relationships we already have. Great place to work and great people to be around!

SH, HCM Consultant

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LW TestimonialsThe very diverse list of clients that we support at Eurosoft means that I am still learning something new virtually every day, which amazes me after more than 15 years working with SAP. This is a reflection of the Eurosoft support model, which means we are always working on the more interesting and challenging parts of the Customer’s portfolio.

LW, Principal Consultant (Logistics)

GW TestimonialsIt’s quite flattering being surrounded by so many experts in so many different fields, the level of SAP expertise is clear throughout the friendly community. There is always so much going on that’s it’s great to have approachable, capable, and dependable people you can call upon if needed.

The rate in which the company is growing indicates the level of business that has been acquired, and the direction that the company is heading in!

GW, BOBJ Consultant

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CD TestimonialsWorking with a group of high performing, talented and motivated individuals every day reminds me of why I chose a role with Eurosoft; I wanted to work for a Company where customers come first and delivery excellence is an everyday thing, not a one-off.

No day is exactly like the one before and the one thing I truly appreciate is that each morning brings a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn.

CD, Service Delivery

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RH TestimonialsI’m responsible for compiling marketing campaigns and effective sales strategies and every day is different, variety is fundamental to the day to day workings. Eurosoft has a positive and friendly culture which makes it fun to come to work and contribute to the success of the business. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to be involved in cross-functional projects and activities outside of my role, and you can directly influence the success of the business and make a difference – your opinion really does count.

RH, Internal Account Executive

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