Welcome to the Dashboard Centre where we have added a selection of dashboards to showcase the capability of SAP BusinessObjects.

dash2 Dashboard Centre

Workforce Reporting

SAP BusinessObjects dashboard presenting workforce and personnel reports.

dash1 Dashboard Centre

Public Sector Reporting

SAP BusinessObjects dashboard showing detailed statistics for a specific subject area with a previous year comparison (click the year button at the top).

Global Sales Reporting Dashboard Centre

Global Sales Reporting

SAP BusinessObjects dashboard presenting sales by region and utilising a dashboard plug-in to incorporate the globe.

student data Dashboard Centre

Student Data

A dashboard to present a number of pieces of information based on student data. This dashboard has the functionality to filter data at multiple layers and get a views on different schools within the University. It also enables scenarios to be saved for sharing with colleagues.

income analysis Dashboard Centre

Income Analysis

SAP Crystal Dashboards provides an environment to perform what-if scenarios with the flexibility to manipulate multiple variables and instantly see the impact to the key performance indicators.

course profit loss Dashboard Centre

Course Profit and Loss

An interactive dashboard which allows management to understand the profit and loss situation quickly when adjusting costs and sales price.

passengers Dashboard Centre


Utilise BusinessObjects dashboards to view passenger numbers and demographic, with the ability to further drill down on the data by periods.

call centre Dashboard Centre

Call Centre Analysis

Take data from any of your systems and display it in an intuitive and interactive format. The graphical analysis can be used for management oversight, performance monitoring or as a starting point for a development review. With a dashboard connected to live data and using the included automated tools it can provide rolling updates, enabling quick responses to changing situations.

anaysis by region Dashboard Centre

Analysis by Region

SAP Crystal Dashboards provides a highly visual environment to present and display key information with drill through capabilities. Each graph is dynamically linked to the corresponding charts to provide compelling insight with a click of a mouse.

map of england Dashboard Centre

Map of England

Geographical analysis is increasingly becoming a key business information analyst need. SAP Crystal Dashboards allows for the creation of a bespoke mapping layer that can contain the pertinent business information associated to the designated geographical region(s).

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