Eurosoft consultants have been supporting and developing SAP’s Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions for many years. With a breadth of knowledge within the team, our consultants are experienced in working on both large SAP Projects as well as within first, second and third line support.

We have seen and worked on all versions of SAP, and over the years have helped many customers successfully migrate from one HR solution to the next.

When it comes to SAP and Human Capital Management, Eurosoft has considerable depth of experience and expertise.

Watch Matthew Black, head of talent management. He wears many hats as HR professional, manager and as employee. SAP’s ERP HCM solution supports all these roles with an intuitive interface anytime, anywhere:


Supporting our payroll customers is always a challenge, but it’s one we know very well and are extremely experienced in providing.

Over the years our consultants have not just configured and developed SAP payroll solutions but they have also worked right at the sharp end running payrolls for some of the largest and most complex organisations.

Whether it ‘s implementing the latest technologies and customer requirements, providing expert advice and training, or simply being available at the end of the phone on the day of the payroll run, we ensure that we provide our customers with the best service and skills available.


Eurosoft understand that our customers are constantly looking to achieve the best results possible from SAP Human Capital Management solution, especially at a time when most companies find themselves looking more than ever at their existing talent pools, working to understand the best way to provide their employees with the motivation to keep the organisation running efficiently.

We provide solutions for all areas of HCM and pride ourselves on ensuring that our customers receive only the best in advice and help.

Examples of the latest SAP HCM solutions & technologies currently being leveraged by our customers include:

  • Self Service Functionality
  • Organisational Management and Planning
  • Talent Management
  • Time Evaluation (Full Payroll Integration)
  • SAP Learning Solution & E-Learning
  • Travel Management and Expenses
  • Adobe Forms

Human Capital Management SAP OSS Note Analysis

Every week, SAP release many new HR and Payroll OSS notes. It takes a considerable amount of time to review each one released,  and to decide its relevance to your specific system.  It can be challenging and time consuming to interpret what benefit the note might bring,  and what impact it might have within your system.

Eurosoft are able to provide customers with a weekly note analysis and a monthly release report providing all the relevant information, ensuring they fully understand the impact and that they never miss an important note. A flyer detailing this service can be downloaded at the right of this page.

SuccessFactors Human Capital Management

SuccessFactors are the market-leading provider of cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions who in December 2011 were acquired by SAP for an enterprise value of approximately $3.4 billion.

The combination of SAP and SuccessFactors establishes an advanced end-to-end offering of cloud and on-premise solutions for managing all relevant business processes.

>What is SuccessFactors?

SuccessFactors is the market leading cloud-based HCM solution designed specifically to meet the needs in enterprise-class organisations and small and midsize businesses. Focusing on providing the solutions that the people across your organization need to help improve business execution and get better results.  With SuccessFactors products and solutions, you can:

  • Improve strategic alignment: When you close the gap between strategy and execution, you can see a 5.5 percent increase in time spent on strategic priorities.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity: An optimized workforce can lead to a 14 percent increase in project completion, a more than 5 percent increase in productivity, and a 4.9 percent increase in high performers — numbers that go straight to your bottom line.
  • Accelerate business results: Want better business results? On average, our customers added 1 percent of revenue back to profit.

Now as an SAP company, SuccessFactors has access to the experience; support, innovation, and stability that enable them to offer customers the best cloud-based business solutions available.

The short film below provides an introduction to Success Factors:

Currently SuccessFactors has more than 20million subscribers and 3,600 customers in 168 Countries.

SuccessFactors – What it does..

The SuccessFactors HCM solutions are built within their Business Suite of applications or ‘BizX’ as they like to call it.

There is a core HR module called ‘Employee Central’, a full suite of talent management solutions, industry leading collaboration software called ‘JAM’ and a fleet of comprehensive analytics (2000 pre-delivered metrics as standard out of the box).

Each module within the suite is completely independent so can be implemented one at a time and in any order you desire, but when implemented together they form a fully integrated HCM solution!

Accelerate your business, empower your people, and innovate like never before with SAP Cloud:

When it comes to providing the best in SAP HCM solutions, look no further than Eurosoft.

Further information on Success Factors as well as other Cloud based SAP solutions can be found by clicking here.