Empower your business users with SAP BusinessObjects

SAP Business Objects offers a broad portfolio of tools and applications designed to help you optimise performance by connecting people with business information.

Function rich and user centric, the SAP BusinessObjects suite of Business Analytics products can enhance the value of your business data and the way it is delivered and presented to your organisation.  Key performance reports can be accessed from anywhere whether it be onsite or on the road via mobile devices.

SAP BusinessObjects has a portfolio of products which provide the following functionality:

  • Web Intelligence: Ad-hoc reporting, query and analysis utilised by business users without the reliance upon IT. The intuitive Web interface enables any business user to access key data, presented in business friendly terminology.
  • Dashboards: Create the kind of personalised business dashboards and visualisations that are demanded by executives and managers.  Users can simply point-and-click to interact with visual sliders and gauges, to produce “what-if” scenarios, enabling managers to see the impact of decisions before they are made.
  • Crystal Reports: The world’s #1 reporting tool.  Easy to consume, pixel-perfect, high definition, drillable reporting solution.
  • Analysis for Office: SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office is an Office add-in that allows multidimensional ad-hoc analysis of OLAP sources in Excel. It also allows Excel workbook-based application design and creation of BI presentations in PowerPoint. It perfectly connects to SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP HANA.
  • Analysis edition for OLAP: SAP Business Objects Analysis, Edition for OLAP is a powerful, web-based, OLAP analysis tool that can help you to gain insight into business data and make intelligent decisions that impact corporate performance. Analysis is intuitive and easy to use, while providing unique analysis capabilities, including the ability to simultaneously view data from different cubes and providers. It connects to SAP NetWeaver BW, SAP HANA, Microsoft Analysis Services and SAP EPM providers
  • Design Studio: Design Studio stands for the brand new long awaited successor to BEx Web & BEx Web Application Designer. SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio allows for intuitive design of centrally governable analytic content ranging from guided analytics to sophisticated OLAP applications and aggregated dashboards. The product features out-of-the box iPad support, a state-of-the art HTML5 UI, seamless application theming, a WYSIWYG Eclipse-based designer, full & native support of BW BEx queries, direct connectivity to HANA as well as an advanced scripting engine just to name a few.
  • Explorer: Explore and analyse data easily with literally no training required.  Users start with a simple Google-like question, e.g. “How much wastage is there on Sundays?”, then point, click and lasso their way to their answer.
  • Lumira: Give your business users the ability to access, transform and visualise their data in a self-service environment.  SAP Lumira intuitive point and click interface and striking visualisations allow you to quickly analyse large data sets with no scripting and accelerate the decision making process.
  • Predictive Analytics: Working hand-in-hand with the SAP BusinessObjects platform, Predictive Analytics allows you to mine and analyse your data, anticipate business changes, uncover new patterns and associations as well as how to turn data into actionable insight.
  • Live Office: Conveniently access live data through familiar Microsoft Office tools such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint, making it easier to incorporate data into presentations, spread sheets and documents.  The data is live within the document and can be instantly updated while retaining document formatting.
  • Mobile: Quickly and easily deploy the functionality listed above to mobile devices, enabling managers to make business decisions on-the-go.

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