SAP Business Warehouse

SAP Business Analytics is an ever changing and improving technology but Business Warehouse provides the rock solid Enterprise Data Warehouse to support the reporting requirement and needs of the business.

SAP Business Warehouse offers the ability to capture, transform, store and consolidate your organisation’s data regardless of the source. SAP Business Warehouse is tightly integrated with both SAP Business Suite allowing data to be easily extracted and also with the Business Object reporting products via the BICS connection leveraging existing Business Warehouse investment.

If reporting performance is an issue for your organisation, Business Warehouse can now be supercharged with the use of HANA or Business Warehouse Accelerator.


SAP Business Warehouse key points:

  • Data Acquisition: Business Warehouse tightly integrates with SAP Business Suite with the provision of a wealth of out of the box data extractors and data models covering the majority of functional areas. The extractors work in conjunction with the ECC business logic already in place providing a seamless data extraction.
  • Should you need data from other sources, Business Warehouse offers tools to do this but for more advanced data extraction Business Warehouse fully integrates with the Business Objects Data Services ETL tool.
  • Business Objects Integration: Business Warehouse not only offers its own native reporting tools in the form of BEx (Business Explorer) but also tightly integrates with Business Objects reporting suite via a BICS connection. The BICS connection allows Business Object reporting tools to connect directly to Business Warehouse Infoproviders and queries.
  • Rapid Development: SAP provides a multitude of business content with Business Warehouse which when activated provides an out of the box data extraction, data model and even base reports making deployment very efficient. Dependent on your organisational requirements, this can then be tuned to combine other data to enrich the reporting.
  • Business Planning: Business Warehouse has Integrated Planning (IP) functionality which allows data to be entered into BW via one of several reporting tools. This provides a powerful application to business users allowing them to execute reports showing their actual and previous planning data and enter revised planning data in the same screen. Supporting logic can be engineered in Business Warehouse to support complex planning scenarios.
  • Big Data: Business Warehouse is designed to handle high volumes of data both from an extraction, transformation and storage perspective but also from a reporting perspective. It works in conjunction with both the Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA) which is an in-memory appliance to specifically support hugely increased reporting performance and also with BW on HANA to offer total in-memory support of both the data loading, storage and reporting.

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