In today’s challenging business environment, companies need to stay focused on their most valuable assets – their customers. SAP CRM is the optimum solution to help you gain new accounts and increase the loyalty of your existing customer base, whilst gaining a better return on marketing and reducing the costs of servicing your customer base.

So why should you make the move to SAP CRM?

The video below outlines the CRM RDS implementation performed by Eurosoft for one of our customers, QinetiQ – Experts in defence, aerospace and security:

Click here for further information on Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS).

Some Key Benefits of SAP CRM:

Improved Marketing

  • Make it easier to find and sell to ‘quality’ prospects, e.g. those who are most likely to deliver high value while requiring relatively low-cost servicing.
  • Accurately target your offers to your customers, deliver highly personalised messages that your customers will find compelling.¬†Engage with your customers seamlessly across all channels

Improved Customer Retention

  • Reduce expensive customer attrition and maintain a more stable customer base. (Many sources of data indicate that even small increases in customer loyalty can create big bottom line gains).
  • Better understand your customer profitability, lifetime value, sentiment, and satisfaction.¬†All customer contact maintained in one place, providing invaluable analytics.

Improved Cross Sell and Up sell

  • Make it easier to provide accurately (correctly) targeted offers to your customer at that key point in the buy cycle.

Improved Back Office Processes

  • Achieve cost reductions due to streamlining your business processes and using a single accurate data source for managing your customer interactions.
  • Studies have proven that even relatively small incremental improvements in the above areas lead to increased profits in every case.
  • Tap into complete, real-time customer insights including social media sentiment. Improve your sales, service, and marketing effectiveness. Take advantage of in-memory analytics, predictive capabilities, mobile, and more.

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