SAP Logistics

Quickly maximise cost savings with SAP ERP procurement and logistics execution processes

Optimise the physical flow of materials and manage the procure-to-pay business cycle – from self-service requisitioning to flexible invoicing and payment – with SAP Logistics software that supports ERP procurement and logistics execution processes. Find out how SAP ERP can help you reduce costs, regardless of your industry or company size.

  • Increase visibility into purchase orders, contract management, and invoice handling
  • Reduce costs by lowering inventory levels and consolidating shipments
  • Maintain high levels of supplier and customer satisfaction
  • Optimise basic business processes – from requisitioning to invoicing for simple procurement
  • Improve processes for procurement, inbound, outbound, warehouse, and transportation management

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Manage the complete procure-to-pay process by increasing visibility into the procurement lifecycle and supporting a wide range of basic and complex activities.

  • Perform requisitioning, purchase order management, and invoice verification
  • Manage catalogue content
  • Enable employee self-service procurement of material and services
  • Integrate all business partners – from designers, to manufacturers, to customers
  • Collaborate with suppliers on product development

Supply Chain Management

Provides the ability to forecast, plan and detail schedule on a global basis for multiple manufacturing sites, locations and distribution centres, together with collaboration with customers and suppliers to provide an integrated supply chain.

  • Demand Planning
  • Production Planning Detailed Scheduling
  • Global Available to Promise
  • Supply Network Planning


  • Manufacturing Planning: Plan, schedule and sequence factory-floor production to produce and deliver promised orders.
  • Manufacturing Execution: Deliver on production plans by managing production processes, staff deployment and other factory-floor resources. Document, monitor and dispatch inventory during the entire production life cycle.
  • Deployment of SAP Manufacturing Execution Products
  • Quality Management: Monitor and document compliance with quality standards.
  • Maintenance Management: Plan, schedule, and sequence maintenance to optimise assets and minimise downtime.
  • Environment, Health and Safety Management: Handle product safety, dangerous goods and their disposal, waste and emissions, industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety.

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Inventory and Warehouse Management

Lower your costs by accurately tracking materials and demand, reducing your inventory levels, and consolidating shipments.

  • Record and track the quantity and value of materials
  • Manage and optimise all warehouse resources
  • Plan, enter, and document stock movements within the warehouse
  • Track goods receipts and issues, picking and packing, and physical stock transfers
  • Monitor all activities – from workload planning to RFID and barcode scanning

Inbound and Outbound Logistics

Facilitate the movement of incoming and outgoing physical goods, including logistics involving multiple manufacturers and customers. Make sure the right goods are in the right place at the right time.

  • Monitor the receipt of goods
  • Track external demand
  • Manage in-yard activities
  • Monitor delivery and distribution
  • Document proof of delivery

Transportation Management

Deliver products on time and on budget by creating comprehensive transportation plans, successfully executing plans, and monitoring shipments.

  • Apply flexible options for consolidating orders, shipments, and deliveries
  • Enable rule-based automation and collaborative order combination over the Internet
  • Manage multiple processes and reports required for foreign trade

Combined with SAP RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution) implementation methods you can realise the benefits of SAP Logistics in weeks, to find out more click here.