SAP Personas

What is it?
With SAP Screen Personas software, you can personalise the screens of the SAP ERP [SAPGUI screens only] application for different users without programming. Using a drag-and-drop interface, you can hide fields users may not need, streamline tasks by automating repeated keystrokes, and improve visual appeal by showing only the information needed to complete a transaction. Changes can be made in seconds – and you see the changes in real time. Your company will benefit from increased user productivity and value from SAP software investments – and your SAP Support function will have more satisfied users.

SAP Personas – Benefits

• Improved business-user productivity and transaction throughput (simpler screens, less screens/fields to navigate)
• Increased user satisfaction by simplifying complex screens and automating repetitive tasks (remove fields, summarise screens)
• Reduced cost of personalization (drag-and-drop activity will provide quick benefits)
• Decreased training time for SAP software users (easier to use and navigate transactions for ad-hoc users)

SAP Screen Personas: personalisation without programming, watch a short video from SAP:

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