Supplier Relationship Management

SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) offers your organisation a comprehensive and user friendly procurement suite as well as an intuitive, browser based user interface, making it easy to use for even the most occasional user. Unrivalled integration to the Business Suite ERP landscape ensures that the data integrity and financial aspects of procurement are seamlessly maintained.

Is SAP SRM the right solution for you ?

Do you recognise any of these problems?

  • Long processing times between requisition, approval and order processing.
  • Many cumbersome and manual steps frustrate your requisitioners, buyers and approvers.
  • Many different and complex procurement processes, making it hard for requisitioners to ‘do the right thing’.
  • Buyers spend more time processing individual orders, or ‘chasing paper’ than engaging in true value added activities.
  • Procurement control and involvement over your organisations’ spend is confined to certain core areas.
  • High levels of maverick buying limit your scope for procurement savings.
  • Stubbornly high levels of unsupported/non PO spend.
  • Significant gaps in your procurement information and reporting.
  • No centralized repository for contracts
  • Off-line, manual tendering processes with limited integration into SAP procurement processes
  • Lack of automation or electronic audit trail in all your approval decisions.

If some of that sounds familiar then you should consider a SAP SRM solution within your organisation.

Watch the short video below for an overview of SAP SRM Self-Service Procurement Rapid Deployment Solution:

SAP SRM provides the following key benefits:

  • Reduced Purchasing costs – Channel all spend through approved Suppliers, increasing contract compliance and maximising discounts / rebates.
  • Eliminate Maverick Buying – Use of self-service procurement catalogs prevents maverick “off list” purchasing
  • Reduce Procurement Team Involvement – free up buyers to perform value added tasks, not merely “order placing” for routine purchases.
  • Reduce Approval Delays – Workflow tasks speed up purchase approval decisions, if combined with Fiori mobile apps this can eliminate delays altogether.
  • Ease of Use – provide your requisitioner base with a “look and feel” they will be familiar with, similar to shopping on line.
  • Comprehensive Audit trail – All steps in the process are time and user stamped, allowing the entire transaction chain to be audited if required. Provides the ability for dashboard reporting on process times and savings.

Centralised sourcing and contract management

In addition to automated order processing, the buyers’/sourcing functionality in SRM includes:

  • Online auction and bidding techniques
  • Portal based collaborative procurement and document exchange
  • Supplier qualification and scoring.
  • SRM offers a plan drive procurement scenario, where ERP generated requirements can be passed to SRM in order to leverage SRM’s more sophisticated workflow and sourcing capabilities.


SAP SRM offers quick, ‘out of the box’ analytics for your spend and procurement activities, in addition to the ever expanding BI/BObj suite of reporting.

Combined with SAP RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution) implementation methods you can realise the benefits of SAP SRM in weeks, to find out more click here.

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